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IMPORTANT: This is not an official transfer evaluation. All equivalencies listed are based on the articulation catalog for the current term and may vary for transfer work from prior terms. Students are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of academic advisors in the Academic Advising Center or their academic department of their major to obtain official degree plans.

*Please note:  If a specific school or course is not found it does not mean that coursework will not be accepted. It simply means that it has not been established in our current articulation catalog. Please feel free to contact to Office of Admissions-Transfer Services at (915) 747-5890 or transfercenter@utep.edu for further assistance.

In general, only academic courses that are comparable in content to those offered at UTEP are transferable, and transfer credit carries the same value as work completed at UTEP. Whenever possible, equivalent course numbers are given; if there are no numerical equivalents, elective (TR) credit is given.